Anonymous art online

This art online portrait is actually called anonymous. Although, this painting looks like my son it could be every hansome man. I have found this picture of a famous person in the newspaper. As you can see a lot of art online, all portrait paintings are looking you in the eyes. My brand is well known that the eyes in portrait paintings ar looking away. This because, eyes are constantly watching you and follow you.

Making a portrait

It is hard to find interesting protraits these days who are looking away. It is an interesting differentiation in art online. I am taking several pictures to have an example of eyes, hair, nosa, mouth and the way he/she looks. In art online it is interesting that this picture is anonymous, it could be anyone. Who will buy this piece of art online, it could turn out that everyone can make a new story about this painting. Normally, I make a preliminary study of the painting before I start to paint. Also, painting needs to be spontaneous and creative in my opinion. In art online you don’t see a proces of painting therefore I have a youtube channel to show you which steps I make. My painting career started with oil painting which is totally different compared to acryl painting. Art online gives you not all the insights in types of art unfortunately, you have to see it with your eyes. With oil paint you work with different layers as acryl painting you paint directly especially with bright colors. In this anonymous painting it was hard to keep the bright colors. The brightness has been pointed out due the black background, what is looking amazing! With regards to colors, it is also hard to make a 3D face.

Colors in a painting

Light colors give light spots, darker colors give shadow. It is meant that a portrait will display a face and not a flat thing with a 2-dimensional experience. A face has to be a round face. Then you also have colors that are covered in a single color and colors that are transparent, they require multiple layers and often the brush stroke is visible so that it has a portrait structure. All this helps to get a face around and nothing flat. All in all, I find this a successful and cozy art online painting that will be beautiful on the wall and will give the new owner a happy feeling. Just contact me if you are interested in this painting. I can ship globally what is not a problem.

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