The lady in Red

This portrait is a modern art painting about the lady in Red. My new focus in modern art is to add more lively colors and real life stories. The painting is made of acryl paint which is difficult to paint with. Painting with acryl is very applicable with modern art. It is a way of painting at which you need to be prcise and quick. Your plan needs to be there as making changes is hardly possible. Therefore, modern art seems easy but it is very difficult. Normally I paint with oil, to enable myself to have more time and paint in layers. Modern art is very different compared with realistic art, but I like new adventures haha.

The modern art experience

This story is about a lady who needed more adventure in her life. My experience in modern art is to tell a story to you. This modern art painting is about a person who grew up in a small village, protected by her family. She had such a talent to become a model and do something with fashion. However, in small communities your live is planned and is hard to distinguish yourself. My experience with ‘the lady’ is that she had the courage to move to the big city of Amsterdam. She enjoyed the city so much, which is an modern art by itself. However, the city lifestyle is hard and direct. She did not felt to be at ‘home’; this is what you see these days with lots of young ladies. I was so impressed that this lady took the courage to make the step to move to Amsterdam, it was working and then she discovered who she really was. She moved back to the village and have a city lifestyle in her small world. This modern art painting is for me an expression dreaming big but actually discover who you truly are… This lady is happy with her city lifestyle in her little world..

Making the Lady

With the experience of knowing the lady, I started to think of how to put my thoughts in a painting. It was important for me to address her with colors to express her feelings. First I started to draw her face lines, which colors to use and combine it with the story. As I loved her as my own daughter it is hard to express feelings in modern art. Acryl is a way of quick painting which means you always need to have a plan. This painting consists of several layers. You start to decie what kind of background color you want to have. After drying you built your next layers to accomplish your goal, an amazing modern art piece with a great story. In my point of view, you need to hang this at a great while wall to have a Wow factor when yu walk in. My upcoming modern art projects will be about faces and live stories to share these experiences with you. This painting is for sale and you can contact me to make other modern art paintings based on my type of collections. Hope you enjoy the experience of The Lady

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